all in all

alll in all my husband has been annoyed today but when we get on its realy good. aall i have writen its not always like this its just one day today and we will probably when he comes to bed we will snuggle and watch a move probably ghost one haha hes opseset and it is rediculas hes going to get taken over by a demon that would make him happy i am 43 and i like chating and playing on the playstation and so what have nothing else to do in the evening i dont drink because its just not good to fel the pain of the hangeover the next day and i dont drive so dont need to spend shit loads on a car. so why not i have a laugh ever night and why not. their is someone i meet on their that has muted me she thinks i so old i should not play on the playstation. well stick my tonge out to her and say i am a gamer i am 43 so what xxxxxx

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