e cares about my exitment

my day started at 11am this morning i did not go to sleep till 3am this morning my husband plays his playstation chating with his friends till about 5 am i woke at 11am thinking it was earlie as it was a bit dark. i looked outside it was raining heavy with some wind. i got a cup of milk had a cigeret and then i tryed not to disturb my husband he was snoring like a bull. i had promised to recored a talking book for a friend and i had to use the phone to recored it from the tablet. i thought i will phone my sisster and then i can not get interupted with the recording the book. hopefully its not ilegel to do the recording.ha. i then tidyed around all the sweets rappers that my husband eats over night he seems to eat everything in the kitchen at 3am in the morning. well now this is about 12am in the mid afternoon and i think that maybe i should wrigh about my day i just got my new tablet andi got a bluetooth key pad. so i open my word on my tablet conect my pad and i find i am enjoying writing. my husband gets up at about 2pm and he puts the tv on watching his ghost proggrammes. he has his toast and the cats come in for food. he comes in from the kitchen and said can you feed the cat he keeps dancing round my feet. he hates it as he is not very confedant walking without a stick. i get up and i am dancing with a cat named jac. he moves inside and around my legs and i dance with him. he should be called cleopatra. he has make up on it looks like it but its his markings. i make coffee sit with my husband. who is watching ghost programmes and his cat laying on the cushion next to him. he tells everyone i hate these programmes .i dont i do like them. dont tell him ha. he was supposed to have a befriender come round but they never turned up. my husband said can you go fetch some cigerets i am almost out. i was felling lazy i txt my sisster to ask if she could go to the shop forme. she drives i dont. got no replay. so i called a taxi he took me to the shop and i said i had started doing a daily blog on the word. he said try wordpress their good. i checked it out and here i am bloging boaring everyone haha. ow the cats had brecfast brunch lunch and tea and tea bruch cost me a fortune and my cat chips she just eats hers and steals everyone elses as well fat cat. you need a diet chips haha. well now i got my munure to sell on my farming simulater 2019 on the playstation my sisster never got back to me but my sisster who has ignored me for three weeks rings up because she had noone to go to the shop. well it fair she ignored me its good i said no. right. felling a little gilty but she cant just ring me after ignoring me and expect me to say yes. so please leave me a comment if yo wont me to delet if its too boaring byz byz

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