awwwww why does every one seem create issue when you have a headach

awww my head its so painfull i had to get this bloged. i have all night not been on the playstation i was finishing knitting a scarf and i did find on facebook a new way of making teddy bears. useing old socks it really look good to try. then my husband comes in shouting frietened the cat that was laying at my feet. he was blaming me because the person on playstation that took a joke the wrong way and had a go at me tld me i was a spaz and i should get a life. they blocked my husband playing the game and kept kicking him from the game and the people he had been playing with who he thought were his friends ditched him. so now he said hes ditching the playstasion because of this person. i had reported her twice. it is a little silly to take one thing so badly. but i guess we had are first trolls. not sure what to do about it? i have a headach i just cant really think right now. i shall let you now what happens tomorrow. night all xxxx

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