getting up so hard

i woke up this morning my cat was sitting on my chest meawing for his brecfast. my husbands fast asleep he has had thefan on allnight. cats had their brecfast i had my coffee and my alpen bar choclate orange so nice. heard of noone. i spook to my sisster last night she said dont phone me till monday she was going away to watch her bike thing she likes. i have bins to sort out and nothing much else to do. myhusband wont get up till around 2pm its 11.46 now chips my other cat went to sit in the front garden. i left the door open as she the fat cat and finds it difficalt to jump in the window. as soon as my husband wakes up he will yell to shut the door. he has diabetes as well as a hundred diffrent things and he always says he has to keep warm a little bit of cold and hes in danger of getting nemonie. he always shouts i have diabetes i cant get cold. haha yeah grumpy. just sitting watching thismorning. its so quiet outside the odd car and person going past. well i vey boaring morning to some. i am enjoying the relaxasion as it will be noise later.

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