mental health

its 2.49 am and its friday 23 of augest i live with mental health issues my husband lives with mental health issues and days are up and down i have been in the mental health as a patient since 2000. their i have been turbulant and downs and my husband took care of me the best he was able. everyone has their failings and now for the last two or three years i lost track i have been trying to care and look after my husband. he has not been wright at all and its getting worse he finds change difficalt and their has been a lot of big chages as well as small and he has not liked them. i dont like them but i now their was nothing that could be done to change it. my husband is a self harmer and he is very upset he fells the worlds ending. he is just existing not living. we all try but he sees it as nagging or having a go at him and he just wonts to be left alone to do things he wonts to do. we all leave him alone to do what he wonts and he always has something to go mad about. if its not fresh arguments he will pick up old arguments that had been sorted out. in his sichoctic tme of worrying about things he has scares on his head he picks at to make wore. he is attension seeking he just needs someone to talk too. his heart is so invested in helping everyone. he gets so hurt when he fels that hes not incontrol. he cant see the people who are stamping all over him. and the people who are just trying to look after him. he prefers to help and not to be helped. his health his sensitive feelings hurt the person he loves the most. we all have the mad screaming side but also the counceler sensable. tapping in to the sensable side would be better but emotions and felling do get away with things. i shall wright a daily acount of are things we do. night xxxxx

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