my friday felling lol

hi peeps i have been in to town. i went to the shoe shop and i bought some flip flops for around the house and i got shoes that i would not usely buy and their suprisingly comftable i got open toes shoes but they were cheap and i can wear them with a nice skirt down the beach. i also got a pair of pumps. i got my husband his crisps he likes and then i sat on the bench by the bus stop. they are doing a bus with a open top to tour the town. i was at the bench and i facetimed my husband he was iin a tizz because he emtyd the bin and he said he had broken the bin lid. he was so upset. he said i need you home. i said that i was going to go on he free bus. he said i need you home the cats are wonting food and jac is dancing round my feet its annoying. i said just make yourself a sandwich and a drink i shall be home soon. so i needed a drink and the bakery was across the road i poped in got two ribena cartens and i got six finger buns. i went back to the bench and waited for the taxi. when the taxi came i got home and my husband had loud music on the tv and i sorted the bin it had just pop of the hinge i clicked it back in and ushered the cats out and talked to my husband gave him his crisps and he lowered the volume and i just chatted made a joke and now hes on his playstation. i tryed to say its a nice dy we should take a picnic and take some drinks and crisps from the fridge make a ham rolls in a box and go relax at the beach for a hour. he said no i cant not ready to go that far that quick. hes not left the house in two yearshe scared to go out he tryes to take a walk every oother day but when you have no reason to leave the house why should you if your comftable at home and have everything you need indoors xxxx

Published by bitchdance

A granny and wife with three cats a crested gecko I wont a dog x

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