what a day

can it get anyworse at all. i have over the last two weeks first i was going sick ever night then had the doctor out and he gave me injection it stoped then a few days later i had a day of diare ever half hour i was on the toilet and it stoped at 4am the next morning and then i was felling my skin on fire . then i made a joke one joke and they took it the wrong way. my advice dont make silly jokes till you get to now someone not worth the hassle. i learned it the hard way. then i sent a load of choclates to my daughter in law only to find out shes on a diet that went really down well. i am on a roll this week all i got to do now is upset my sissters and i will have a hole in one. looking on the bright side i am felling a little less sick and needing to rush to the bathroom. so shall we see who we can upset tomorrow. without wonting to. my cat seems to be eating better she was felling unwell but she looking better now. i got a load of cleaning to do but that never stops. i gave up on cleaning the cat hair in the corners it really got me depressed for a wail i was pulling my hair out i would clean it next day it was like i had done nothing i had enough i let the place get messey. if my husband was not willing to put his rubbish in the bin well why should i do it for him i am not his mum yet he has tamtremes with me and makes me fell like i got to act like his mum. alittle confusing and turnes me off sometimes. i cry most nights and tonight i am too angry and amezed to cry and as people reading this have relized i am bad at spelling dont tell my husband that he thinks i am ace at it shhhhhhhh haha. i dont make plans as i dont know when i am able to get up or what going to happen i wing it day by day and find out who can i upset today hahaha. noone cares if i get upset i curl up in a corner and cry noone sees me no cuddles nothing but when i cry i dont wont cuddles i fell like if some one cuddled me i would break apart. its so painfull to cry more painfull than a broken leg. you have to ride it out and rest have a sleep and your skin will look better and you wake up with a smile and say today i am going to smile i am going to have a lazy day i am going to veg out infront of the tv computer or tablet and i am going to just watch a move and talk to my nearer and dear your best mate. if you fell you have noone talk to. talk to the air talk to the trees. or the squirrel on the tree . reason with yourself i can change my way i dont need to be someone i hate i can be a person i would love and go out and be loved. xxxxx

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