g too much time away

i lost my mum in january she had been ill for three years with bowl cancer and my husband has been having a brakedown. in my upset of trying to deal with my emotions i found altspace on the vr. verual realty. i had great support from people on their because they would hear my husband yelling at me and would go on to altspace and found singing in a world they have their made me fell a little better. then their was a activety called creative writing. i did like writghting i was trying to wright a fictunal book. i was nerves when i started to join the class i was only useing a samsung gear and it only allowed half hour before it over heated but i enjoyed the half classes. my husband got me a laptop to join altspace for longer and then he got me a oculas go. it last a hour. then when i lost my mum and a few months before i lost my mum my husband had lost his step dad. so we were all greaving and all emotions these last 7 months have been worse on my husband. i have had to look after y husband deal with my emotiones and try to deal with helping my family and my sisster with my little neice and nephew. my niece and nephew and caffine and choclate have keep me going and then the three cats and the three that come to visit. their has been downs and with my cats and my nephew and niece its been ups to. i have lost loads of weight but i do need to lose more. i have not done a lot of wrighting reasatly but slowely i will get time to get back to finishing my book. as well as knitting the scarves for winter and croched the teddys for chrismas. things can only start looking up for now they cant get any worse than they have been.

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