i am so boared yet to lazy to sort out the garden

i have a garden and it full of weeds and stingin neckals well i get little berrys that the birds enjoy eating from the stinging nettles bush. i have sheares but no gloves. how long would it take to cut at it. i said to my husband we could do it we have nothing to rush around for. he is still annoyed about what happened last night on the playstation he was up all night lisning to loud music. he came to bed at 5am and when i woke at 12am this afternoon he sleept till half two. and hes still angry. i wont a nice garden but i have zero money and i am lazy and dont know were to start. any ideas? i did my zen meditation but i still have a nagging headach. well i think i should take some asprin relax and then start cuting at the bush with my shears later when its cooled down a bit. whats the rush. i dont need to rush around for nothing at all. problem is if i could click my fingers and get it done ina instante i would be the happyest person on the planet. why ow why does it take so long to get things done. why is it i do nothing yet i fell as if i have run a marthan several times over without moving. cant seem to get to the reason why that is. does anyone know?

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