really bad time.

last year a few months before my mum passed away. it was difficalt my husband was grieving for his father in law and we found out that his dad had dimentiar the rare type. and my days were i used to be asleep earlie and then at 4am in the morning my husband came in and starteled me awake shouting and calling me names and said i had to get out of bed so he could put the pillows and the sheet straight on his side. so grogerly i would get out of bed let him sort out the sheet and i would get back in to bed.i woke up again to the alarm at 8am and i got dressed and had to go up to my sissters and take the kids to school. i really liked chatting with them. after droping the little one at nursery i would go to do shopping two 6 pints of milk bread and crisps . i got home and then i would make coffee and toast and get a load of abbuse of my husband. i then walked back to the school picked up my neice at around half eleven and then i would walk her up the hill to her mum. i walked home and when i got n he would be angry were have you been. i told him he shout then he would go back to sleep. i got a coffee and some toast for me to eat. i went back up to fetch my nephew from school and take him home. i get back home and my husband would be on the playstation. i had one so i made tea he was only eating chicargo town pizza at the time. we had a nice evening chatting with friends by about ten o clock i would fall asleep. this whent on for a few week but every other day i did not need to go to the shop. then the little one started full time nursery. which was better than walking up that hill three times a day it did not fell like it at the time but afterweards the exercise really did fell good. spending time with my niece and nephew was great they were so funny. my husband did not like it as i was sleeping and had not too much time to spend with him. now he has got upsesed with keeping the door and windows shut at night to keep out the moths and flys. i said well if ou had a shower they would not bother you. but again he wont hear reason he can only hear himselfe when hes angry. so now because of my husband my sisster wont talk to me uness its getting some things from the shop for her and my husband gets angry at all the money i spent on a few taxis when i had no energy to walk up the hill.

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