so warm

extremly hot day. i woke at 12am and when i opened the door. the heat hit me. i had a shower and ppppppput my swimming costume on with a nice blue skirt and my nice new open toe shoes and a blue hairband in my hair. i called a taxi to take me to the shop. my cat gravy meawed at me she wonts the pool pumped up again she likes sitting next to it. keeps her cool. i went to the shop had to get cat food and washing powder to clean the clothes and i got harpic to freshen the toilet. as it was so hot i picked up sunscreen facter 50. i was waiting with my shopping for my taxi and their was a lady sitting on the bench with three dogs little ones. i said it must be hard keeping the dogs cool in this weather. she replayed yes we went dont the river so they had a paddle. then her friend came out of the shop and they said goodbye. i waited about 2 minutes and my taxi arrived. i got home put the shopping away turned on all fans in every room and gave my husband his milkshake i got him. so i got the extension for the electric pump and pumped the pool back up. i sat down as its too hot to be going back and for with buckets of water. i cant use my hose as the tap has not enough pressure in it. so i pumped up the pool but its emty. my husband does not wont me to have the pool so he wont help and he said his back is hurting him. its too hot to do anything i shall have some sausage rolls and maybe fill the pool when it gets cool later ready for tomorrow nowing my luck it will rain tomorroow lol haha.

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