bank holiday monday

last night i just wonted to run away. i have been trying to get hold of family for ages my son and daughter in law have me blocked on facebook and the phone. the rest of my family say i call them too much and i only call the once that is to much they seem to take calls they dont anser as calls too. so i am woken by my sisster whos ignored me for weeks now ask me can i borrow some money. i told her well i have none either. because with the last of my money i bought a reclyner chair and got it dilivered for 30 pound. its a lovely chair. last night i needed to talk to my husband and he was too bisy playing his game. so i walked out the door said i will be on the street as i have nowere to go. i said i am sitting in their alone because your friend has muted me and you think its ok for him to treat me that way you say you care but you dont. i am just his maid when he needs coffe or food. so he comes of the playstation i was crying and he just shoutes at me. he just lazy fisacly and he does not wont to use his brain only to play his games he said to his friend sorry about this. i told him i wont him out he said i will be dead before i leave this house. i should realy not be so stupid when i am talking to a lazy cunt who thinks it funny to lie about me and then deney hes said anything. ow and he drank 8 pints of milk since saterday and thats my fault hes ran out of milk.

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