shopping trip

i walked down to my local supermarket. i got bread milk bread rolls and salt and washing up liquied. i tryed phoning my husband to put money in the bank to get a taxi but he was so groggey he did not understand what i was trying to say. then i sat on the bench and this homeless old man sat down next to me he may of smelled but i have not much sence of smell because i brobebly stunk more than he did. his coat was very dirty. i wonted to give him one of the bread rolls but on the news it said you cant give anyone homeless anymoney or anything. my neigbour was at the shop and her dog was just having a fuss from the man. i got my shopping bag and walked home. i put the shopping away and i asked my husband you now we do have the time a resorces to help that old man. he said last time i helped a homeless person he new he lied to me and corsed a lot of grief. i would like to help the old man but was told that i should just report it to homeless selter. their closed its a bank holiday.

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