its a good tuesday

last night everything was carm. i went to a medation class on my vr but i was in 2d on my laptop. i set up my self alittle corner were i could write and play my games. my farming sim is looking great. i am chilled and my area is tidy. a good night sleep and i am watching michael mclntyres comedy on catch up and so far felling very good. that will hopefully not change. but when i fell this relaxed and good their always got to be something to upset me later. (hope not) ha. i got my milk in from the milk man i had 7 bottles of milk their was supposed to be 8. but i dont know weather it was stolen or the milk man just left 7. looks like i my have to get the security cam out again. so my husband started helping last night and working together and getting things nice was so nice i dont know how long it will last but i shall enjoy it as i have it. ow yes the good life on catch up. thouse were the days. haha. i fell so old now. i used to be the young person just getting my son to school and tidying the house. now i fell like i am out of sink with everything and some times i wish their was what we have now when i was young. so my plan is to make monster weired teddys. i am going to crochet something with out a pattern and see how it turns out. cant wait shall most likely be a complet mess. at least it will fill emty time though. haha. well had a quick visit from my family aparently i am a drive though baccy dispence ow well haha. so i shall see what today brings. to all have a good night a good day and good morning. ha xxxx

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