a bad thursday but a good friday ha

it been a bad thursday but we got to friday and i think from the blow out on thursday i got my point across. on thursday we were playing playstation till 6 am and i asked my husband about people who were in a chat party and he went mad so i told him i wonted him out and i had enough of his anger and dis respect. i got so upset that i called the samaritons and a nice person on the phone sat and lisened to my probles and i was talking for some time. so i had my coffee and then i cryed all day. my husband sleept till 4pm and i just could not stop crying. i managed to stop crying at about 8pm and that evening i just sleept all evening my husband came to bed at 3am and we did not wake till 2pm today. my husband wake in a nice mood i went and got shopping and got back he playing on the playstasion with his mates and he came of to make me a coffee. jac was laying on the bed with me last night and following me were ever i went. so when i got back with some cat food and treats me and the cat had a dance in the kitchen haha. very humid day today and a little dark.

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