hi if your still lisning.

i made a blog about mental health and as soon as i said what condition well with bad spelling.haha. most of you thought about the bad press in news pappers. and the stingma. i like to think of my self as a person who has a stigma attached that i dont desirve, i am going to try to do bloggs and pictures of brecfast in my own town. i can start by saying i had gone down to morrisons for some bread and i went to the cafe and had three take out sausage bapps. it was 9am in the morning and brought the sausage bapps home to my husband. he ate two i had the third. it was really nice the sausages were cooked just right and not too hard. the bread roll was buttered and it was really nice. it just melted in my mouth and was so comftable to swollow. great start to a long day. i do shop in morrinsons a lot and i find the staff to be helpful and pleasent. but on days that it is busy and they have run out of stuff. you can tell that the staff are tired and had had some person being a little assy with them but over all as all of us get tired and fed up the staf are very nice and plesant and reconize a regulare customer. going in to morrisons store in aberystwyth is a uplifting experiance when i am felling low. a nice greeting and smile i resive makes my day to fell better about my day. and i will try working on my spelling as their is no spell check on here, haha.

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