i am having a crisis of what to do. i am weak and my son needs a strong person. i try seeing him but i fail to be a emotional support as i get to emotional too. the person i thought could be their to support us both is not the support i thought. now it brobebly too late. i failed as a mother and a person. i tryed to cut my wrists but for some reason the skin would not cut i did not even have a scratchh. i am distraight at not been able to hug my son. i wont to give him a big hug and just be a mom and a mum in law and granny. i would like my husband to be strong and just take all of us in to laughter and happiness. but thats not what happens. everyone has to put a effort in to make a family. but we are so unhappy to be seprate and we dont now how to be together as a family.

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