enjoying playing my games with my friend we played diffrent game. we chated though and laughed. we chatted with close friends. then came along :grand theft auto: we played and had a laugh. then my friend meet four new friends. i was dumpet. i tryed to pay no attension. the friend brings the new people to the chat. they start playing other games i was not invited. they sugest games i bought them. no. these friends would not join my games but would join my friends. one person started saying they have to mute me as of my breathing. others in the party breathed just as bad or worse. i was muted not others. my friend asked why. he did not care much as he was getting good in his game. along came a women. who had a go at me and made me unconftable. she muted me aswell. my friend said to me oh shes horrible. but i sit their in silence lisening to my friend play and chat too people i do not hear. i fell low. i try noone hears me. i turn of the playstation and leave it behind. my friend is not my friend anymore. i play my games when their not online. i fell so alone to lose my friend that way. they will do it to him but their is nothing i can do. he cant hear.

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