one day a little cat with a tail too big for his body came through the open window. as i walked to the kitchen. he danced round my legs. not knowing who he belonged to. every morning the same. i opened the window and their he would be. he has come to dance with me again. with his mascare on and a happy meow. we dance together. he started coming over more and more. untill one day i was not felling well and he cuddled up to me wail i was felling ill. and some how i felt a little better. he wonted to stay over but my husband said no he has to leave. i hate not knowing that weather he has a place to go or that he may has nowere. hes such a sweet cat. today how ever i could not dance and he did not show up. oh how thoughs days we danced together. are and were so great. xxxxxxx

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