bloody consoles

so for the last two week i have been doing nothing but talking to my friends on playstation and playing buss simulator. my house is a mess. i have not been able to wake up earlie. i found train simulator and i played it for three days straight. as soon as i got up at 12pm i was playing it till 6am went on for three days my husband was complaining that nothing was getting done in the house. i said your feed. the cats are feed and watered what more do you need. he goes and plays his playstasion all night so why cant i. if my family needed me they would call. my phone has been silent for three days. its charged as well. so i was socializing with people from england and from douche land too. and a few in the states. my husband was their too. so train to move the train is a art, stopping the train is just practice getting the time to break and stop at stasions. ow no i wont to go play, if i doi will be on it till 6am tomorrow. well noone needs me noones coming round. my hubbys had his tea and cats are in their beds. why not haha. one of my friends went to spain and he texted saying he missing us already and he had not got on the plain. well should of got to spain by now. well whats good for the gander and all that. i shall be driving a train to london waterloo. haha.

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