what to chat about

here is me spouting crap again. i have been spending loads of time with about 8 people on the playstasion as soon as i have had my brecfast i turn on the playstasion to chat with my friends and we are chtting till midnight and playing the hunt call of the wild. then i go and drive my bus and then a train to sloy and then i go on a long hall drive in my truck. its so cool but taking over my life a bit. my house is a mess and i am home all day. i dont know if theirs been anyone at the door because i am too bissey with my headset on and would not hear the door. my phone has been silent exept for the odd cold call. i am addicted to the playstasion need to wean my self off it. i do enjoy the driving and plenty of times i have fallen asleep driving. i have shot a coyote aand moose and not been able to shot anything since. i have a cold because i sat next to a window that was open and having the cats run back a for in and out of the window. i fell so tired so have to take a break from playing but i am still on just chatting. i need to go spend time with my granddaughter and get some fresh air but i dont fell like i wont to i wont to just be lazy.

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