happy day

last night my husband found my blog. he read it and this morning he apoligized he said he was only angry because he was trying to protect me. i said well you were scaring and hurting me. so he said sorry. tttttttttthen we lay in bed just woke up and my alexa set toplay music as a alarm at 10 am andit was some 60 music elton john and that. then he said when did we get so old. i said have you just relized that were not getting younger. i was talking about how funny my grandaughter is having a little tantrume and he said this song my dad used to lisen to and now i lisen to it. i said that yes as you were fighting getting old we turned old anyway haha. i wrote some time ago. i feel young but as are older genration depart we ave without knowing it become the old generation to the young ones. we know how are parents must of felt as they got old.

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