what is life

life is what we are given. but life is what we cozy to do with that life. noone is perfect. some times were welthy. other times we are poor. life is who you bring in to your life. how you live. we all just wont to be happy. we have to strive to make sure the next generation does not have to suffer the same as we did growing up. some had happy homes. some had horrible homes. others were hurt so badly. life is are life and the people in it who make it worth wail. others have to be told how your upset. they only see their side you have to talk to let them know yours. it is a world were noone talkes to each other. most all they need o do is lisen and be heared. it is comunacation with every little detail. nothing left unsaid. some are angry some are quiet. everyone needs to be heared. this world were the gp needs to talk to a specialist at the hospital not through a secretary. i find that people can misunderstand. they think their way and not yours. as i try and tell everyone is.

i not a mindreader, i dont like puzzles or sharads. just lay it on the line. what are you trying to say?

i have had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. i have rolled with what others are bringing my way. i , have followed and been lead. i have been alone and hungry. i have been dirty and in need of a bath. i have had all manner of things done to me. i say?

i have beaten the odds i stand stronger and more will. to be alive. i have the beatless in one ear. and my future in the other. i lisen too?

here comes the sun, my life starts a new, it starts at a straight road. and their will be no looking back. as long as the song plays every morning weather its raining or foggy. here comes the sun. best song ever.

my smile each day is for my son hard working and his girlfriend so nice and warm. my smile is from seeing my grandaughter laugh and play.

my smile is for the sweet way my husband kissed my cheek and held my hand so gently.

my smile is for my sissters, they are so protective and i love them dearly. for the laughing of how w all battled each other for mums attension.

my smile is because my mum did her best to make life happy. i can see her side of things now. love you always mum.

my smile is being here. not letting anyone bring me down. a cry a sleep, then cleaning the house to the beatles sparing me on. ow and chubby all 50s radio. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

how did i get so old? hahahha

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