what a year

so i left my husband and went to a refuge over the haloween. i had a lot of people help me and my family was great. i waas all distressd and i was off my medication which made it worse. as i could not think straight and was so upset and hurt. i had my son talking to me then. by the sunday i talked to him on messager i was missing my cats and stuff. i stupidly came home. i have been back what three weeks and all his friends ae saying i was in the wrong. i just wont my house but he says he wont leave that i have to. so its worth being here with my cats and my comfort, its not worth the shouting hes doing blaming me for him having to pay for everything, i told him its about time he payed for hings i had to pay for him and did he hear me moan about it not till now. so i applied for a creative writing course he said if it costs anything you cant do it. i told how much it would be he said well i am not paying nine grand for you i said well you wont need to pay anything. so he told me that i have to tell them i cant because hes not paying that. told him i could get a grant. he said great remember you have to pay for me and the cats. i had a interview in my local store and he stopped me going saying i would be destroying him he be homeless and we would lose the house. he watched the vote yesterday was up most te night in a bad mood blameing me because i did not vote. well here we are back home again.

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