this cromo virus

it is making me angry how i understand, everyone has to look after them selves to wash their hands. dont you think its getting beond. i have a husband who gets really scared to just walk a few steps down the road. he had made good progress with his anxity before and now he is worse than ever. i cant open the front door without him shouting that i got to wash my hands. he sits upseting himself about how many people have died from this disease. they need to show positive story a bit more. he cant seem to be able to determine who may have it and who doesn’t. its probebly the case for all people suffering mentally health on who to trust and who not too. their will be a lot of anxity with most others would not care to lisen to advice. its all well saying to stay at home. were are the people who have no homes meant to go.(the homeless).

its a far wind that we may, but when we cant. were can we do.

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