my alian story.

it was a women who sat watching tick tock. i see someone has taken a video of a jackal and some weired thing, creature, walking along the street checking out bins. she started to think. what if a creature from out a sapace had crashed on earth and then lost their memory and was taken in by some jackals. maybe the alian was being searched for by all alian ships. what he will say to the friends when he gets home is:

from billions of miles through space to find the dark ages. in this earth their is war and fighting. then yet they have all these things they have built and all they do is stay in their house. they cant even go close to each other. what are they doing all quite i think everythings stoped . i was able to go were i wont as they were all home infront of this box that was loud. i only had what they call wild life for company. i tryed to visit them but they just said: 2 meter distance please. i came from bilions of stars away and they treat me like a virus. well glad to get home their all nuts but the young are always a little weired. hahaha

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