hey hey hey, its the moaning women,

what a week. i have been up i have been down and at the momment bouncing with energy. i got a plushy pig i am crochet and then i am watching nigela, ow so wont to cook as well, i made the mistake of watching the pioneer women and saw some smores, mashmallow and choclate was so nice had a apple because i was just so hungry. so i tryed one pack of voke was very good did not have a craving, down fall i could only get one pack. ow belive me my kitchen never saw a tidyness it saw. so that was a few days ago and i am still smoking not much though and felling good now earlier today i felt upset. then my sissters partner brought some shopping and i cryed. then i felt a little better doing reviews on the things i bought from amazon and then crochet plusshy pig. was from the you tube. i fell bouncing then my mum in law rang up and said she has sent me something in the post i cant wait she has very good taste so what ever i know i will love it. well no dought later i will have a night of felling down after the up of the day. and i put in a date for a online chat with a open day at the university on the 5 th of may. now i am going to find out how to make bread. maybe be better probebly not with my cooking. i might just make tea and just study diffrent ways to make bread and cookies. mine cookies seem to come out a little hard on top. i made a cake and whisked up cream topping. was really nice. well as they say, see you on the flip side.

life is a life,

nature is nature,

and i am a robin in my nature world,

cheep cheep.

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